Can you fancy a rock song being played on Ukrainian folk instruments?

As it turned out, despite the long, conservative and academic title, the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine bands together a lot of crazy young geeks and honoured artists who are absolutely virtuosic instrumentalists, wow!

Joint in the new NAONI ROCK ORCHESTRA Project they present their new stunning concert program of world famous rock hits originally arranged.

For me personally, it was a discovery, I just was knocked off me feet – this reverend Orchestra is more than 50 years old and it took an effort to believe my eyes seeing these folk music patriarchs playing cool modern pieces on those artifacts !

More than 40 Ukrainian folk instruments with some ancient ones hardly known even by experts, take on their own lives like actors in a theatrical performance playing their own roles in the Orchestra’s incredible show.

Now I know that the unique character of Ukrainian culture is not only in its deep historical roots stemming from the Trypillian culture (year 4.000 B.C.) but in that jolt of fresh air you get in the modernity sometimes cloying with its omnivorous urbanization and iphonization…


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