Kosmos Production Centre was set up by a group of fans who believe that big talents need promotion while hotdogs are successfully fighting for their places in the sun.

In show biz, reaching the tops is a challenge. It takes years of self-perfecting, whole hearted work and, frankly speaking, great material investments. One thing is clear the ‘per aspera ad astra’ is a very difficult way to pass alone and without professional support.
Perhaps all artists want to be stars but far from everyone is able to become a star and becomes a star. Yet, if an artist has a sacred fire, our team knows hot to fire up.
WE can:
PRODUCE a creative product, manage music videos, manage professional studio recording, manage shoots, develop marketing strategies, provide PR services, rotate your product on TV and radio, arrange concerts and events;
WE are:
INTERESTED in assisting the birth of music moving the people’s hearts. Viewers always need more new faces, images and new music.
Organizing concerts, corporate and private events is one of the Kosmos Production’s business areas. We never practice the pipelined style in organizing our events. The policy of Kosmos is the individual approach to each client and professional accomplishment of clients’ desires.
Our team are highly skilled managers able to offer original ideas, creative solutions and bring them to life.
Contact us! We’ll be happy to support you with our knowledge, skills and talents, and, of course, invest a piece of our heart in you.

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